Food Grown Simply in Containers

potted water plantsThere is a growing movement worldwide in container growing. There are many good examples ie. who show how a lot can be produce with simple compost. We can use woodchip as the base under the compost/growing medium, this is a type of huglekultur.

Food grown in containers is:
1. a quick way to get a supply of healthy food,
2. portable way to grow food for people who are living in the space temporarily – this method empowers people who used to feel unable to grow foods without stewardship of land. Water plants are easy to move, simply tip or siphon out the water and relocate the pot. Large pots hold their temperature better than small pots but can be tricky to relocate. We remove the plants (put them into recycled bags) remove the soil (again bag this up into manageable weight), then lift the large pot.
3. fantastic for areas with poor soil such as Western Australia.
4. an easy way to test and manage the soil to retain nutrients.  My grandmother and her brothers suffered poor health even though they grew up on a diary farm, it was located in the limestone hills behind Sydney, the limestone in the water did not enable them to build good bones. is a great example of good food grown in the containers on rented land in a dry city. They quote: “…the World Bank considers that cities are not only the main contributors to climate change but suffer most of its impacts, furthermore urban agriculture is an innovative solution for greening cities and improving the urban climate…”
– 2011 report from the worldwide Rural and Urban Agricultural Foundation (RUAF).food-comes-in-different-packages_permaculturevisions