Simple Enviro-Solutions for Women’s Cycles

Fertile woman need a choice of environmental solutions.   Some women are able and comfortable to use a menstral caps, (there are many varietes available). As a rule of thumb, if you like tampons, these are a good option for you. Menstral caps can be wiped with toilet paper and/or rinsed in the handbasin/shower then re-inserted easily each time we go to the bathroom. They can also be sterilised periodically with salt water in a re-purposed lidded jar then allowed to dry and be stored in a dry purse after each period.

If you don’t want to use a cap, you can make pads out of black socks, then when these are hanging up on the washing line, no-one will suspect a thing. Choose socks that suit the thickness required and hold them in place safe baby diaper/nappy fasteners.pitaya-flower_s

If you prefer to use clip-on washable pads, these can be washed and dried discreetly inside a black sock.

If you are wanting the easiest option, Natracare supply natural fibre pads and these can be wrapped in paper and burnt in the fire or placed in a bin without the risk of plastics polluting our waterways.