Loyalty Discounts!

When you do a course at Permaculture Wollongong Institute you get a 10% discount voucher for any future courses offered by Permaculture Wollongong Institute or Permaculture Visions Online Institute. Select VIP to claim your 10% discount at the trybookings ticket point if you have done any fun-day or workshop with us before. You can collect these vouchers and pay up to 70% of another course. This includes our online courses. You can even transfer these vouchers to a friend.

Gifts For A Better World

Cut, twist, attach, tie, thread, trim, weave and sew some amazing gifts from upcycled materials (eg. silk ties and doillies into purses, necklaces or dream-catchers, add beautiful natural objects. There will be a choice of creations to tackle: new-wave dream catchers, woven structures or woven necklaces using old lace, silk ties or doillies. Join us in another creative installment in our Wacky Wednesday Workshops series, join us in the permaculture studio garden and prepare for the festive season. $30 bring your bits and pieces and create something new and funky. Tutor: Shane LadyMoon & a special guest. See more gift …

Weaving The Living Tipi – Wed 9th Dec 12Noon until 2:00

NEWS: for our next weaving and living fence workshop we will build a tipi from scatch by building the tipi on the great woven base for the Tipi, cut Bamboo (Old Hamii) poles, and start growing plants to weave into the tipi. Discuss solar passive design for placement of ventilation, little windows and a round door. Demonstrate pleaching and how the living plants can be trained as they grow onto the tipi. Demonstrate best plants for coastal warm temperate permaculture gardens and how to manage water needs, pest and disease. This is no ordinary TIPI, it will become a living, …

Silkworms For Sale

Silkworms need no water but must be fed mulberry leaves. Perfect timing as you get to eat the mulberries as you pick the leaves. They live for only a few weeks and then spin a silk cocoon, hatch and breed and give you eggs for next year. Instructions here http://www.permaculturevisions.com/silkworms.htm Silk Worms for sale $10/box or 100 eggs posted Contact us pwi@permaculturevisions.org or 0413539744

You Don’t Need Wizardy for Open Source Software

Permaculture promotes free open-source software because this enables sharing. Digital literacy allows you to connect both internationally and locally. Problem solving skills help you participate as a creator in online environments and become productive, engaged and empowered.  This course will help you find a livelihood from the work you enjoy doing. With the skills you will be more confident to set up your own small business as an part-time income stream or a make a web-page for community activities or advocacy. Open-source software is by the people and for the people, it is accessible and open to improvement and assistance …