You Don’t Need Wizardy for Open Source Software

Permaculture promotes free open-source software because this enables sharing. Digital literacy allows you to connect both internationally and locally. Problem solving skills help you participate as a creator in online environments and become productive, engaged and empowered.  This course will help you find a livelihood from the work you enjoy doing. With the skills you will be more confident to set up your own small business as an part-time income stream or a make a web-page for community activities or advocacy.

Open-source software is by the people and for the people, it is accessible and open to improvement and assistance by many people (this is a core feature of resilient cultures).
Permaculture aims to build skills and networks. We can increase our personal production and develop our creative thinking. Imagine a world where we could all work and eat near to home, where we could be creative, problem solving, control our hours and be active in our breaks. We can take control of our promotion and sales or at least get enough skills to run a funky webpage where people can connect with what we offer.

We are running two fun, quirky WordPress sessions. This session is the first session for beginners (limit 10). 10am til midday. The Experienced participants session will be for those with a wordpress webpage who want more bells and whistles (limit 5). 3pm til 5pm.

Your WordPress Trainer Wolf or Pixel Wolf. Who has been the co-creator of and and many other pages.

Here are the resources documents from our last sessions: