Rocket Stove Quiz

Do you know what is so efficient about a little Rocket Stove?   A: Insulating the heat chamber reduces loss of energy in the burn A: Options for insulation material: you can even use a sealed chamber of air as insulation as long as there is no movement of air in the chamber – movement of air looses energy. Easy insulation materials [that don’t burn] include perlite or hemp and lime or gritty wood ash (without any charcoal). If you want upcycled materials then you can use lightweight, non-flamable materials in approx 5mm size particles. Dense materials like sand simply …

SOLD OUT – Rocket Stove and Gasifiers

Due to a flurry of bookings we are now SOLD OUT for this Wednesday Evening Workshop. Thank you for your support and please contact us if you wish to join the waiting list for the next workshop.

Making Your Rocket Stove

Get all fired up for this Wednesday night. What’s so great about a Rocket Stove? This little invention is easy to make out of recycled parts, can cook a meal or boil water in just minutes and uses hardly any fuel. In fact the fuel it uses could be found on the side of the road – just a few sticks. Paul is also going to discuss the latest developments in rocket-stove space-heaters made out of recycled tins. These rocket stove space heaters will run for hours on a couple of buckets of saw-dust. Make your own rocket stove and …

Training Choices Like No Other

We offer you choice like no other permaculture training organisation in the world. You can study online with our experienced sister organisation You can learn purely by immersion through doing workshops at Permaculture Wollongong Institute. When you have done the 20 units in permaculture you are awarded your Permaculture Design Course Certificate. You will develop your practical experience by learning on some of the most mature permaculture sites in the world. You can do both: study online and supplement the theory with workshops. This is our new hybrid system. This can help speed up your training by eliminating the …

Cranking up the Rocket Stoves

In the last workshop on building a Rocket Stove, the guys rose to the challenge to get the kettle to boil. Here’s John blowing into the little rocket stove and yes he got it to boil the kettle!