Making Your Rocket Stove

Get all fired up for this Wednesday night. What’s so great about a Rocket Stove? This little invention is easy to make out of recycled parts, can cook a meal or boil water in just minutes and uses hardly any fuel. In fact the fuel it uses could be found on the side of the road – just a few sticks. Paul is also going to discuss the latest developments in rocket-stove space-heaters made out of recycled tins. These rocket stove space heaters will run for hours on a couple of buckets of saw-dust.


Make your own rocket stove and Gasifer that runs purely on sticks. The highly efficient technology that is portable, made from recycled materials, no welding necessary, easy to operate and very light on the planet. This is a smart yet simple technology. $30 to participate or $60 to also take home stove (you choose a rocket stove or gasifier to take home).
We supply templates, pre-cut-kits, materials, tools, protective gear, light supper & refreshment and expert engineering advice from a gentle experienced instructor.
Wednesday night 2nd December 2015 Mt Kembla. Bookings essential