Solar-It-Yourself Workshop – Jan 30th 2016

Would you like the sun to be working for you? We all have a bit of solar power over our heads. Let’s harness a little of this free power, SOLAR-POWER-john,-stu,-quinnchannel it into our favourite gadget! Come and see our range of solar systems and gadgets: Solar hot water, Solar hot-water-to-radiators home heating system, Solar Oven, Solar Jug, Solar drill and much more.

Learn to make and maintain different types of solar gadgets. Get that abundant solar power flow from the sun to your gadget.  Then taste the delights of something cooked with just solar-power, get a gadget to worship the sun, and be the master of the solar know-how.

Most solar devices do not need specialist installers but they do need a little know-how and care.

Tutor: Green-Technology Engineer (Paul Tinker Kelly) at the Permaculture Visions demonstration site in Mt. Kembla NSW.

WHAT PERMACULTURE topic does this workshop apply to? hydronic solar heating systemThis workshop can serve as your homework assignment for our Permaculture Design Course in related topic of ENERGY (Once known as ‘alternative energy’ but now this is more mainstream and viable than ever! yay!).
Permaculture Wollongong Institute offers hybrid training (online with related workshop)

WHAT YOU GET: skills to build small solar systems, empowerment, cooked snacks and drink (including a taste of our home-made apple cider), good company and your very own solar torch or LED strip to take home! (the take-home option costs an extra but saves you hours of work).

In this workshop, Green Technology Engineer Paul Tinker Kelly invites you to discover solar energy systems.  Learn how to make a solar-ed gadget (torch, radio, LED light strip, Pump) use a solar oven for cooking, master the art soldering and stripping a wire or two. Take that wish and make it happen.

In the SOLAR-IT-YOURSELF workshop, we will:

  • Make your own Solar gadget – a torch, an LED night strip, a small pump (or you can make request prior to the workshop)solar-cooking_edited-1-624x936
  • Discover the local abundance of components we can upcycle
  • Use the sun to boil, cook or dry food
  • Learn how to solder to secure the efficient flow of solar energy.
  • Choose the right types of Solar systems for your needs and solar access.
  • Discuss different power options beyond the grid.
  • Compare different solar stoves, ovens, and jugs.
  • Learn how solar panels work and what is the current technology available.
  • Discuss dual-purpose solar panels and how to integrate them into a permaculture design.
  • See the extensive food-forest gardens at Permaculture Visions Demonstration Garden.
  • Opt to take home your solar-powered gadget  OR bring your own solar project to work on.

INVESTMENT: $40 to participate. Optional additional to take-home a gadget (Take home option costs $15 or $30 or more depending on what you choose) OR you can bring your own gadget (eg. a battery pack for electric fence) to convert to solar. If you need advise on what is kit is best for, message us.

DATE and TIME: January 30th Saturday 2pm-4.30pm

BRING: closed shoes, hat, non-flammable comfortable clothes suitable for the current weather conditions, raincoat, apron, oven mits or gloves, camera, notebook and pencil.  We will work indoors and undercover.

VENUE: Silk Farm Mt Kembla near Wollongong NSW  map for Silk Farm

Instructors:  Paul Kelly (Green Technology Engineer) and April Sampson-Kelly

Paul Kelly has developed various solar-powered systems tools including drills and torches. He is always fixing things (hence his nickname Tinker).  He regularly fixes old computers, has built drones, is able to write code for firmware (machines). Paul has ample patience to demonstrate life skills. He grew up in the bushland of the Blue Mountains. Paul loves bushwalking, canoeing and living in his permaculture food forest.

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