Power of Our Community

cooperation_permaculturevisionsCelebrate Peace

Here we celebrate a day of national unity and a sunny holiday from our routine work-life. We reflect on the benefits of peace and maybe wonder how we can work toward a fairer distribution of wealth.

The social aspects of Permaculture are not easy to see but easy to feel. Permaculture has been founded by brave, often reclusive pioneers.

Permaculture was born a few decades ago during the ‘hippy’ era and has grown up to be inquisitive, intelligent and creative. The Permaculture movement has worked hard, developing new strategies (such as solar power, biochar, bioremediation, water management techniques and much more). Permaculture has been active in the fields of science, design and technology. It has started to mature into a quiet understanding that the social structures are essential to help us develop on a regional and national scale. Fukushima has reminded us that no man is an island and humanity wishes for all wars against the environment to end. We can now see that the position of being capable to create productive lifestyles has been well demonstrated. But being free to grow food is now the struggle for many people due to land-stewardship issues, cultural habits, neighbourhood politics, pollution levels, and restrictive council by-laws.

So, where can we start?

When we want Social unity, peace and resilience we have to get together and nut it out. There is no simple off-the-shelf solution because every culture and every bioregion is different. The best place to start is to have a local conversation about building resilience and care with our own community. Join us for a special upcoming workshop on Social Permaculture Strategies.

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