BREAKING NEWS: Russ Grayson is Joining Us at the upcoming Mini-Conference 30th April

Russ Grayson of

Russ has been working for decades in the Solomon Islands promoting permaculture with his project He began his permaculture journey in 1985 and has been active in the movement ever since. He will be a great inspiration and leader at our mini-conference.

The Mini Conference about Permaculture in Society and Development

The Program Is Shaping Up Beautifully

  • After a quick round table, getting to know you we will start with a presentation from Terry,
  • There will be some short presentations from Russ Grayson, Aaron Sorenson, Sheryl Wiffen and the Permablitz team.
  • We will then call for input from all the other delegates in the Pechakucha style – 20 points in 5minutes by the other delegates
  • Then we have lunch and start world-cafe style means of determining agenda, priorities and focus and form valuable break out groups where you will be invited to contribute to each.
  • We will finish with quick summaries of each topic and go home full of inspiriation and ideas.

Please bring

  1. Drinks and your choice of toppings for Pizza. Pizzas will be cooked in our home-grown-wood-fired oven.
  2. and your ticket – Bookings are essential. [After our hungry experience in Cuba, we must set limits.]

creativityWho is this mini-conference for?

This workshop is for all people interested in building resilience, connections and skills in our community.

If you are a Permaculture student, participating in this workshop can serve as your homework assignment for our Permaculture Design Course in related topic of Community Design OR Village Design (not both). Permaculture Wollongong Institute offers hybrid training.

Why Do I need to Book and buy a ticket when we are talking about Gift Economy and Sharing?

In 2013, April, Paul, Terry and 400 other permaculture travellers went to the Cuban International Permaculture Conference. It was a great conference with one tiny detail that resulted in a monumentous mishap – noone limited the intake! This resulted in serious overcrowding, hunger, sickness and illwill. In contrast, the 2015, Permaculture Bio-regional Conference organised by SCAPA of Bega was amazing where everyone had a seat, felt welcome and enjoyed the weekend.

We really want you to enjoy this minconference, build goodwill and learn from one another. Please book and please share this with other people if you are unable to come. We promise to turn people away if they haven’t booked and we don’t have the capacity to serve them.

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