Permaculture Day Mini Conference Celebration

To celebrate Permaculture Day, our mini-conference brings together some great minds, important discussion and the opportunity for powerful co-operation. “We need to expand the concept to social responsibility and to create our own financial and employment strategies” ~Bill Mollison, Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual, p507

Join us on Sat April 30th in our mini-conference on Permaculture in Society and Development

Permaculture is Deep at the Roots

As part of the celebration for, this mini-conference brings together a lot of great minds in a harmonious collaboration.

Permaculture is a lot more complex than designing food forests. Lets examine how we can abundance, and empowerment into a social context. How can we build lasting changes in our relationship with nature?

Permaculture may be the best lifestyle we can design but if it’s not integrated into our society, it will never truly blossom.
Permaculture is still very much is a minority movement. We need to examine why and what we can do about that?

Every community has different needs and social issue and culture. Listening and building strategies is our gift to our neighbourhood. We can sit down and flesh out how we make real and lasting changes. Lets build our passion for doing good, get stimulated and enjoy meeting up with others who work for a better future.

Mini-Conference Program Overview

Dr Terry Leahy will give his presentation then we will have short presentations by some amazing permaculture activists. You are invited to present a 5 min talk about what has been working for you and where you would like support. Then we will have world-cafe style discussions.

In this mini-conference, Dr. Terry Leahy will deliver a key note speech guiding us through sessions to explore how we can develop and apply some new permaculture ideas in our community.