Who Is The Guild of Permaculture Pioneers?

terry leahy2We are a slowly and steadily growing a collaboration of experienced Permaculture pioneers who are happy to occasionally stop doing their excellent permaculture stuff in order to tutor, mentor, lead or chat with other each other and people interested in doing something positive about maintaining a livable habitat for humanity and a beautiful and resilient community. The mentoring pioneers include April Sampson-Kelly, Shane Moon, Paul Kelly, Penny Pyett. Terry Leahy (Australia), Suzie Cahn (Ireland). If you would like to join us, write to us.
We run small life-skills courses, opening our permaculture living spaces and stimulating positive discussion through mini-conferences and courses.

signature_html_1dbe4306The founding institutes of this guild are Permaculture Visions Online Institute and Permaculture Wollongong Institute [PWI]. PWI is a fully independent, industry-endorsed Permaculture and sustainability education organisation with first-hand knowledge of the Illawarra’s unique bio-region and one of the first permaculture food forests in the Illawarra. Life is great when the food is real and your hands get dirty. We aim to create a network of supportive people who care for the environment is the key to our success. “It’s not work when you are having fun” Ted Trainer.

We support the manual and teachings of Bill Mollison, and David Holmgren and Permaculture Australia Association Guidelines.

We aim to help build resilience in the community, through healthy families and relationships, develop the Australian sense of place and connection to nature and our landscape, and nurture sustainable practice.

Learn more here about our hybrid permaculture training offers.