POSTCARD from Mini-Conference on Permaculture in Society and Development

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Our Mini-Conference was inspiring. The incredible permaculture mentors who attended was humbling and inspiring. Terry Leahy and April Sampson-Kelly were very happy that the day was a great success.
The feedback from participants was that they felt empowered, engaged and inspired.

PODCAST release – Enjoy our link to the podcast of Terry’s keynote speech. 45min
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spend-a-lot---totnesSome of the key points of the keynote were:

  1. What is a gift economy?
  2. How hybrids of the gift economy and capitalism work?
  3. importance of global gifting
  4. Community nutrition gardens initiatives
  5. The impact of Hybrids
  6. Avalanches of gifting would completely change the relevance of money.

What is the future of Permaculture in the Capitalist Society?

Both sides of capitalism and the gift economy need to be addressed.
Permaculture ethics of care of people, planet and sharing and this ethic would automatically enable gifting.

Here is Dr Terry Leahy’s great site.

Participants Contact Details

This list of Participants who are happy to be contacted (to be updated as authorisations are sent in):