SOLD OUT AGAIN – Taste of Brazil

Bon Appetite!

Our special Brazilian event: How to get the Real Taste of Brazil is sold out now. Sorry if you missed out. But this is great news for our community because we are able to support gifted creators who generously teach others.

We are proud that we achieved our design challenge to build a cutting edge hybrid wood stove because efficiency is a key tool in adapting to climate-change. How? Efficient designs save fuel, save pollution and enable many people to build a better future for themselves and their family.

Powerful and Beautiful

The finish touch to our Rocket-Boosted Brazilian Stove is the amazing decoration with a yummy ‘chocolate icing’ render and recycled bone china plates on the side and a flower in a vase created on the chimney.

the beautiful rocket boosted fogao

April had the dream to build a rocket stove to help use up the abundant fallen timber in the permaculture food forest. Paul had the skills and patience to help design and engineer it. Then Florence Porto came to visit. She wanted to learn how to make a traditional Brazilian Fogoa wood stove. Florence is a chef. When she came to stay and learn more about permaculture, she expressed an interest in building a Brazilian stove.

So, together they designed it but Flo did most of the construction work. Flo relocated the plants. She dug the foundation trenches until she hit rock, then she learned from April how to build form-work, mix cement, check levels, lay bricks, check levels, lay more bricks.building the Fagao - traditional Wood Stove with rocket booster

Onward and upward it went. During the construction we tested the rocket section and there result was impressive!  We cooked a quick lunch in almost the same speed as a gas stove.

Now we have a hybrid Fagao – wood stove with an efficient rocket booster with sloped stick feeding chute.