Grand Permaculture Tour

Celebrating 40 years of Permaculture

Recently a young relative asked: “So, what did your generation invent apart from the beanbag?” “Eerrr, the computer….and Permaculture” I replied.  I am probably the youngest ‘elder’ in Permaculture. Getting an elders award in 2015 was a wake up call. As was the passing of Bill Mollison. I was startled into action when I realised that we are losing our elders before we have celebrated their successes.

Many permaculture people are lone wolves living a grand life in their magical gardens. They sit quietly enjoying the ruminations of with their little inventions. I’m on a mission to learn as much as I can from my elders. Want to join me?

Enjoy the moment to reflect

When Permaculture started in the 70s it was brimming with optimism and driven by a passion to make a difference. A lot of the powerful movers and shakers of that time are now in gentle retirement. They pioneered many growing tools that are now commonplace (mulching, installing now-legal water tanks, alley cropping, keyline water management, chicken tractors, now-legal compost toilet and grey-water systems, tiny houses, now-legal rammed earth and strawbale housing and much, much more).
Before these pioneers shuffle off in slippers, lets take time to glean some of their wisdom.

Come and join us on a weeks tour that will change our lives, our gardens and our children’s futures. For as little as $100 per day if you pack your meals, camp out and drive yourself along. Or you can come along in style, we drive you, you can opt to stay in comfort in local hotels, enjoy strolling in the villages or on the beaches and eat out each evening. The elders will be paid for their time and we will feast as we go.

Sunday 22 April 2018 at 4:00pm – Friday 27 April 8pm

Our special 5 Day Tour leave Canberra Sunday 22nd April return to Canberra (Sydney via Train) on Friday 27th April. This is an unique tour, getting access and interviews with elders of the permaculture movement.
Join the special opportunity to see mature permaculture food forests and glean wisdom from the elders who built pioneering permaculture technologies. Demonstrations of keyline water management, integrated pest management, rocket-stoves, solar systems, seed-saving, community gardening, a range of worm-farms, wicking beds, social permaculture projects, layered plantings, rare fruits, micro-climates, companion planting and much more. Find out what some the 2nd generation permaculture children think and do.


Traveling through Southern Highlands, Kangaroo Valley, Berry, Kiama, Wollongong. Focus will be on mature permaculture forests with elders brimming with wisdom. Start and end in Canberra (convergence venue, railway and city bus station and airport). Tour will go through NSW Southern Highlands, Kangaroo Valley, Berry, Kiama and Wollongong.

Contact Details:

Your hosts April Sampson-Kelly 0413539744 and Paul Kelly have been researching and practicing permaculture for over 25 years and are locals to this beautiful area. Paul is an international Eco-engineer and April is a performer, designer, author and illustrator. Both are passionate about science and permaculture. See info about their site which will be part of the tour.