Grand Tour Tickets Now Closed

We are looking forward to documenting the varied responses of permaculture elders to a ‘personal energy descent’ (as Janet Millington calls it) and their ideas for adaptions to climate change.

Our hosts of this amazing range of sites are keen and and our tour is powering – full steam ahead. We will enjoy our rare glimpse into the private permaculture gardens of artists and activists. We will also enjoy the hearty and political conversations from our hosts and other tour members.

Grabbing Chances

We knew that this tour may be the last chance to meet key permaculture elders on their frontier turf. That is why this tour was very valuable to us at Silk Farm. Paul and I are keen to learn and prepare for challenges of living out the twilight years on a property that we have worked and played in for decades.

Geoff and Carolyn, the co-founders of Doorstep Organics have sold their farm and are moving north this week :<.  The timing was tight and sadly we have missed the chance to see their site that was once a thriving community supported organic farm. They are happy and wish them a an abundantly fruitful retirement.

Giving Honour and Respect

The visit to EarthKeepers is very timely and possibly one of the most critical sites to document. Judith and Paul are not well but one of their graduates, from Singapore, is on hand to greet us and share his story. The gardens at the Keep site are suffering from being in full drought – we will see how well the no-dig beds are responding.

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