Practice Your Design Skills

Last month was the great Permaculture Convergence in Canberra with Costa and many other happy folk. A lot of permaculture design thinkers got together to explore new tracks to pioneer.

There were a number of people wanting help to hone their design skills. Design is the core feature of Permaculture. Design is what makes permaculture different from any other gardening or lifestyle practice. We are really keen to help others think about design. Thinking before doing or buying can save a lot of tears and energy.

The late Bill Mollison used to argue that a second rate permaculture design is better than a first-rate ornamental garden design. If you are interested in doing some permaculture design, this workshop is for you.

there is a world of difference between Permaculture and other garden designs

Design Thinking for Big and for Small

Permaculture Design can be applied to many situations. You can design a tiny home, a handbag or a factory floor.

On Sunday May 27th 2pm we will be running a quick design practice class.  We shall design an outdoor kitchen for a chef working in Bali.

Get Real-life Practice at Designing the Permaculture Way

Our beautiful rocket-boosted Fogao cooktop

We shall apply permaculture design thinking for a real-life client wanting an outdoor kitchen in Bali. The client, a chef, will be on hand and we will help her sort out her requirements. Meet other permaculture thinkers and flesh out some of your own design ideas.

Check out some ideas for outdoor cooking from our beautiful up-scaled Rocket stove that can boil six big pots with just a few sticks as fuel. Meet the outdoor kitchen cleaners – our cheeky little chickens. Enjoy learning in an encouraging space surrounded by a mature food forest nestled into the foothills of Mt Kembla. Sip on home-grown teas as you warm your thinking cap.

3 Steps in One Workshop:

1. Firstly, we will familiarise ourselves with permaculture principles and how they will relate to this design.

2. Then we shall follow a process to get a set of design options. Sort through our recommended 40+ steps for a good permaculture design, work out which are relevant for this design and climate. Identify key features required and do analysis of elements on these key features. Link the the elements to create functional relationships. Set up a floor plan with sectors and zones.

3. Finally, you will have a way to explore these options and calculate which is the most functional.

Who Can Join In?

This workshop is for people interested in Permaculture and want to learn how design makes a difference to function. It is also for those might know a thing or two about permaculture and want more practice at doing designs, meeting real-life clients and helping them sort out what they really need. Also, there are some students who are on their Permaculture Design learning journey and want help to prepare for their final design tasks. All welcome.

Class limited to 10 participants


Your Instructor: April Sampson-Kelly, permaculture designer and illustrator for and Permaculture Sydney Institute


Tickets: Adult: 45.00 $