Permaculture Wollongong Institute

Balcony Dreaming

This Sunday 2pm til 4.30pm we are designing a Balcony as a place to cook, eat and relax and have a little food forest.

The Main Focus will be:

  1. Touring some of the urban permaculture food options: Integrated Wicking pots, Glass-Table Greenhouse, Rocket Kettle, Solar Oven, Indoor Worm Farm, Terrariums with edible flowers, sprouts, micro-greens, bird-cage gardens, Food plants that grow in the shade including Bush Tucker.
  2. Element Analysis with the aid of our newly developed element-analysis guides, honing the craft of creating meaningful and functional links between the elements.
  3. Exploring Sectors and building better use of Zoning in our designs
  4. Microclimates in the Balcony Design
  5. Post Design Analysis through scale/models and visualisation.

Growing some of your own food, even just mint for a cup of tea, can make a big difference to your budget, your environment and your well-being.



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