Permaculture Wollongong Institute

Merry & Bright at Permaculture Wollongong Institute

Thank you to all our lovely participants. We wish you all happy holidays and a safe season. 2018 was a very active year for us. In March we hosted our first Bush Tucker class. This sold out and we are looking forward to the next Bush Tucker Workshop with Narelle Happ March 16th 2019.

In April, we ran a Grand Permaculture Tour. This was amazing. We focused on the rare chance meet regional founders of the permaculture movement in 3 regions: The Southern Highlands, Kangaroo Valley and Wollongong. Permaculture turned 40 this year and so this tour enabled us to celebrate many of the great principles, strategies and techniques Permaculture which started in Australia, eventually introduced to the world.

We also ran 3 Advanced Permaculture Design Think-Tanks or Design-blitzes. The design outcomes were inspiring. We designed an outdoor teaching kitchen in Bali, a city balcony and a large country property in Bathurst.

In September we opened the garden for Sustainable House Day and a 101 people came to see the no-dig beds, wicking pots, food growing in water, solar kettle and several different solar ovens.

The Eco-Hair Salon is making a big difference for our son, Lloyd. He no longer has brittle and stained fingernails and has a steady employment above the minimum wage. (Surprisingly, many young people have a legal award wage below the minimum wage) All we do to help is keep the garden enjoyable for clients, compost the hair and provide tea herbs for the clients.

Here are a few ideas for next year:

  1. Bush Tucker Class (Confirmed March 16)
  2. Family Pop-up Classes on Worm-farms and Wicking Gardens
  3. More Permaculture Design Blitz Classes
  4. Permaculture Demonstrators Skills Set – New Training for Teachers in schools and Permaculture organisations.

Permaculture Demonstrators Skills Set

This Skills set is new to TAFE Nationally and we are excited to be involved in the roll-out.

Here is a summary of what One of the 5 topics of the Skills Set covers and how it is practiced here at Silk farm

It has been a great year of learning, thank you for supporting us.

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