Solar-It-Yourself Workshop – Jan 30th 2016

Would you like the sun to be working for you? We all have a bit of solar power over our heads. Let’s harness a little of this free power, channel it into our favourite gadget! Come and see our range of solar systems and gadgets: Solar hot water, Solar hot-water-to-radiators home heating system, Solar Oven, Solar Jug, Solar drill and much more. Learn to make and maintain different types of solar gadgets. Get that abundant solar power flow from the sun to your gadget.  Then taste the delights of something cooked with just solar-power, get a gadget to worship the …

Rocket Stove Workshop A Blast!

Thank you to the beautiful participants at our Rocket Stove and Gasifier Workshop. Paul took us through a little bit about the theory of fire, then a bit about the politics of firewood sourcing and how to burn cleanly. Then we jumped into making our own rockets stoves and gasifiers. The children and I cooked Banana pancakes on one of the Rocket stoves and we finished up with a preview of a proto type of a space-heater rocket stove. This workshop was instructive, fun and delicious.  

SOLD OUT – Rocket Stove and Gasifiers

Due to a flurry of bookings we are now SOLD OUT for this Wednesday Evening Workshop. Thank you for your support and please contact us if you wish to join the waiting list for the next workshop.

Cranking up the Rocket Stoves

In the last workshop on building a Rocket Stove, the guys rose to the challenge to get the kettle to boil. Here’s John blowing into the little rocket stove and yes he got it to boil the kettle!

Compost Lasagne

In our workshop on making a swale without using soil we use compost lasagne along the contour to catch and store water and make new soil. We used lots of layers of old building waste – timber, a bit of biochar, ash, cardboard paper mache, grass clippings and leaves. This gave us a rich Hugelkultur method of creating soil.