POSTCARD from Mini-Conference on Permaculture in Society and Development

Our Mini-Conference was inspiring. The incredible permaculture mentors who attended was humbling and inspiring. Terry Leahy and April Sampson-Kelly were very happy that the day was a great success. The feedback from participants was that they felt empowered, engaged and inspired. PODCAST release – Enjoy our link to the podcast of Terry’s keynote speech. 45min Please donate if you appreciate our work to provide this podcast for you. Some of the key points of the keynote were: What is a gift economy? How hybrids of the gift economy and capitalism work? importance of global gifting Community nutrition gardens initiatives The …

Rocket Stove Workshop A Blast!

Thank you to the beautiful participants at our Rocket Stove and Gasifier Workshop. Paul took us through a little bit about the theory of fire, then a bit about the politics of firewood sourcing and how to burn cleanly. Then we jumped into making our own rockets stoves and gasifiers. The children and I cooked Banana pancakes on one of the Rocket stoves and we finished up with a preview of a proto type of a space-heater rocket stove. This workshop was instructive, fun and delicious.  

Compost Lasagne

In our workshop on making a swale without using soil we use compost lasagne along the contour to catch and store water and make new soil. We used lots of layers of old building waste – timber, a bit of biochar, ash, cardboard paper mache, grass clippings and leaves. This gave us a rich Hugelkultur method of creating soil.