Practice Your Design Skills

Last month was the great Permaculture Convergence in Canberra with Costa and many other happy folk. A lot of permaculture design thinkers got together to explore new tracks to pioneer. There were a number of people wanting help to hone their design skills. Design is the core feature of Permaculture. Design is what makes permaculture different from any other gardening or lifestyle practice. We are really keen to help others think about design. Thinking before doing or buying can save a lot of tears and energy. The late Bill Mollison used to argue that a second rate permaculture design is …

Grand Tour Tickets Now Closed

We are looking forward to documenting the varied responses of permaculture elders to a ‘personal energy descent’ (as Janet Millington calls it) and their ideas for adaptions to climate change. Our hosts of this amazing range of sites are keen and and our tour is powering – full steam ahead. We will enjoy our rare glimpse into the private permaculture gardens of artists and activists. We will also enjoy the hearty and political conversations from our hosts and other tour members. Grabbing Chances We knew that this tour may be the last chance to meet key permaculture elders on their …

Bush Tucker Adventure Filling Fast

Digging Native Tucker Thank you for everyone supporting our first Bush Tucker workshop. We will explore native food plants, especially those belonging to our bio-region. This class is nearly full! This class has been very popular.  We hope Narelle will run another one for us one day. Lucky for the folk coming this Saturday because they will get to see the last fruits hanging on our native walking-stick palms. We look forward to seeing you all and having fun with native tucker.

Resources For Illawarra Native Food Plants

Getting Hungry for Native Tucker? Soon on March 24th, our Bush Tucker workshop will be in full swing. We are looking forward to showing off some native plants in production. Narelle Happ will lead the discovery of bush foods, offering us information and tastings of some beautiful native fruits and teas. Terry Rankmore has a comprehensive book on Wild Plants Of The Illawarra showing historical uses by local Aboriginal people. This great resource is a free download through And there’s more online to fuel your curiosity, There is a forum for Wild Crafts of Australia.

Top Bush Tucker Foods of Illawarra

Help Food Diversity Although there are thousands of food species in the world, most people get most of their calorific intake from just 3 different food plant species, wheat, rice and corn. This alarming decline in diversity of food species is also happening in our bio-region. The Illawarra is a spectacularly abundant micro-climate and fast loosing native food knowledge and species. The Pallate vs Plot Paradox Most people prefer to eat what they have grown up learning to eat. Many foods are comforting and full of memories. Food is a cultural experience. But the lands that people have settled upon …