Cook and Heat Your Home for Free

For people interested in the art, science, health, economics and politics of cooking with fuel from the garden: learn about different types of garden fuel and fuel-stove cooking techniques.

Dine by a Hot Stove

About the workshop

Long before cooktops and ovens fueled every household’s power-bill, cooking by a hot stove was commonplace. Re-discover the simple art of cooking with pleasure. Grow and manage your own fuel and enjoy the excuse to be toasty warm all winter.

This workshop will show you how to manage valuable fuel plants of your garden or local area, how to grow, harvest powerful tinder and clean fuel.  Make tasty meals for free.

This will be a fun packed day– planning, preparing, cooking, sampling warming foods. Get the know-how, skills and information to help you choose the right fuel-stove, grow the best fuel and manage the harvest efficiently. Get set to start your the fire with the flick of a match. Collect the right pots and trivets to adjust the heat and learn how to adjust your favourite recipes to suit the fuelstove.

Your evenings need never be cold again. Your future heating bills could evaporate. Your meals can be warming and hearty.

About the Trainers:

April Sampson-Kelly has designed and taught permaculture worldwide since 1993 and Paul Kelly is an eco-technology engineer. They have been cooking with their home-grown fuel for over 20 years and are happy to share this skill in a friendly, small class in their permaculture home.

Workshop Program

This workshop will include discussions and activities about:

  • role of trees in a permaculture garden. 
  • how trees harvest energy, intercept rain, harvest condensation
  • benefits of multi-purpose trees
  • most productive fruit trees in the warm temperate permaculture garden
  • alternatives to growing your own (for those who don’t have a garden)
  • positioning trees in a permaculture design
  • windbreaks, sun-traps, solar access
  • design to reduce your risk of wild-fire
  • different characteristics of deciduous and evergreens trees.
  • creating natural watering systems
  • mulch and exudates
  • pruning, coppicing, and pollarding
  • harvesting and safely storing your own fuel with minimal stacking
  • choosing best tinder
  • setting your fire ready for when you get in from the cold
  • understanding how fire works and how to burn efficiently
  • building a clean burn without particulate pollutants
  • source good cooking vessels 
  • plates to control heat
  • uses for ash
  • making biochar as a useful end-product in your stove

All course participants will tour the garden learning about different fuel types, will gather fuel, use tools to prepare fuel, set and manage fires, cook on different stoves, sample the foods cooked during the sessions and be provided with chapter 4 course notes for a full session on the beauty of Trees.

This workshop is part of a Progressive Permaculture Design Course in collaboration with Permaculture Sydney. This workshop relates to the detailed chapter on Trees as taught by Bill Mollison in the Permaculture Designers Handbook.

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea is included. This includes herbal teas from the garden.

This workshop is limited to 6 participants only.

For bookings for the full permaculture course by Permaculture Sydney call Penny Pyett (02) 4568 2036

For information about this one-day workshop only call April 0413539744