Make you own Gasifier and Rocket-Stove – Wed Dec 2nd 6.30pm

Have a blast playing with fire. Cooking with fire is an ancient and dependable skill.  The gasifier or rocket stove is amazingly efficient – it needs very little fuel, provides a clean burn and just a little ash.

Small,-simple-home-made-efficient-gasifierImagine if you could cook your dinner for free? No electricity or gas needed and you too could get toasty warm. Learn to cook on lots of different types of flames and how to make a rocket stove and candle cooker.
Watch water boil in a paper cup, taste the delights of something cooked with just a candle,

Your TRAINER: Green-Technology Engineer (Paul Tinker Kelly) is a materials engineer, skilled in firmware, process management and research. He loves fixing and making things, has built computers and drones, solar-power systems and lots of different gadgets.

WHAT YOU GET: skills to build stoves for friends, empowerment, cooked food (including option of gluten-free pizza bases) and drink (including a taste of our home-made apple cider), good company and your very own rocket stove to take home!

In this workshop, Paul invites you to discover better cooking with fire without gas or fire-pellets. Learn how to make a gasifier, a Rocket Stove, or a power-candle for cooking.

The Rocket Stove was developed in 1980 by Dr. Larry Winiarski (Technical Director of Aprovecho), to help people in 3rd world-countries and enable people to have a lower impact on the planet, The Rocket stove was based on a VITA stove, designed by Sam Baldwin, and re discovered the principles of the systems developed by the Romans in hypocaust under-house heating and cooking system.  This is a clever, low-impact use of local resources rich valuable to every one and especially travellers because it is light and portable.

This workshop is open to individuals, couples, and young people who enjoy food, cooking and want to try a low-impact, free and clean energy. By the end of the day, you will have enough experience of cooking with fire to build a good fire with confidence, and cook a tasty meal.

In the PLAYING WITH FIRE workshop, we will:

  • Make your own lightweight high efficient Rocket stove or gasifier (you choose)
  • Make a fire quickly for warmth and cooking
  • Discover easy-made power-candles for cooking
  • Use just a little fuel to create a cooking fire.
  • Boil water quickly with a wood-fire.
  • Prepare, cook and enjoy various easy fire-cooked foods.
  • Choose kindling for high combustion fuel stoves
  • Discuss making upwards and up-side-down fires
  • Compare different fire-fuelled stoves/ovens
  • Learn about high-efficiency stoves big and little
  • Learn a variety of cooking techniques
  • Discuss efficiency of our elegant home-made multi-purpose pizza oven and our reliable Aussie-made fuel stove.
  • See the extensive food-forest gardens at Permaculture Visions Demonstration Garden.
  • Take home your own Rocket Stove, recipes, skills and confidence. (a kit costs just $30 extra)

INVESTMENT: $30 Participate, drink and eat or $60 to Participate, drink, eat and take home a rocket stove or gasifier

DATE and TIME: Wed Dec 2nd 6.30pm

BRING: closed shoes, fire-safe comfortable clothes (wool is great) suitable for the current weather conditions, raincoat (yes we can run this workshop in light rain), oven mits or gloves, camera, notebook and pencil.  If we have adverse weather, we will work indoors and undercover.