Sustainable House Day

Join us on Sunday September 16th as our food forest will be open for you to come and tour as part of Sustainable House Day. If you know our site – you can help show people around.

Open:12:00 – 4:00pm
Entry fee by Donation Gold coin – Donations supporting Sustainable House Day 2019
Project Type: Garden Only [Residence not open to public]
Designer: April at Permaculture Visions
Open with support of Permaculture Wollongong Institute. (

Key features on display:

Rainwater harvesting, in-ground water storage, Different styles of wicking gardens, rare food plants, Bush Tucker, surface-water management by gentle swales made without machinery, Huglekulture, compost ‘lasagane’ from waste including paper, wood-fired heating, solar power, Hydronic Heating System, integrated pest management, fruit-fly exclusion strategies, solar cooking, upcycling, rocket stoves.
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