Progressive Permaculture Design Course – 4th-17th of July

Have you always wanted to do a Permaculture Design Course? This winter is the perfect time. Retreat and Renew. Learn about practical elements of growing food, social aspects of building resilience in your community and become more self-empowered. July 4th – 16th 2016

This design course has a new progressive format. 3 days in St. Albans, 2 days in Mt Kembla near Wollongong, 3 days in the Hunter Valley then 3 days back in St. Albans. You will get experience and training on 3 amazing sites plus tours of other permaculture gardens.

Learn permaculture with 3 great, experienced and mature elders.

Permaculture Sydney Institute engages only highly experienced and professional trainers for the Permaculture Design Certificate Course. All are practicing signature_html_1dbe4306Permaculturalists deriving an income from Permaculture. Each has over 15 years experience in the movement, and vast experience in work and training. They also come highly skilled and qualified in a range of related professions and specialist areas.

Book yourself in and join us.

Lots more information at Permaculture Sydney

zoom-in-st-albans how to get there
How to get to Sydney Permaculture Institute Bandusia near St. Albans