Our 2 hour intensive hands-on gardening and design session on:

  1. The importance of small-project and modular thinking – have a small goal and finish the job.
  2. Productive and fun design options (discuss Mandalas and KeyHole Garden design)
  3. How to capture and slows the water to reduce erosion and increase soil health,
  4. Map an area
  5. Mark the contours using home-made and up-cycled equipment
  6. Re-use and repair wire fencing
  7. Create neat and secure fencing from a variety of materials including bamboo, old wooden planks, bricks, pot plants, baling twine.
  8. Make micro-climates for the food garden, discuss edge effect, predict water movement.
  9. Dedicate part of the small garden as habitat for earth worms and small birds
  10. Add a composting bay suitable to warm temperate areas in areas
  11. Get ideas on how to avoid fruit fly
  12. Go home energised with lots of inspiration.


Together we will plan and build a fence that is sturdy and relocatable, It will keep the chickens and foot-traffic out and yet make it quick and easy to get yummy food for the table!

Instructors: Permaculture Wollongong Institute lead teachers: April Sampson-Kelly and Shane Moon (key organiser of the fabulous PWI Clothes-Swap and other workshops).

COST: $30

DATE and TIME: Wednesday May 22nd 2015 12noon until 2pm.

BRING: hat, gumboots, raincoat (yes we can garden in the rain and often women farmers have to do fencing in wild conditions), GLOVES, a little bit of determination.