Getting Hindsight

Are you wondering what advantage comes from a little bit of permaculture planning before you spend the rest of your life pottering about in your garden growing food? How does design increase the success of a garden? Join us in our upcoming tour, March 4th afternoon tea and discussions at Earth Keepers in Buxton. Not only will you meet permaculture teachers Judith and Paul Collins but also be engaged in discussions about effective permaculture design with April Sampson-Kelly. The group will explore what makes this property unique, and witness how this wise couple face the challenges of being self-reliant in …

Compost Lasagne

In our workshop on making a swale without using soil we use compost lasagne along the contour to catch and store water and make new soil. We used lots of layers of old building waste – timber, a bit of biochar, ash, cardboard paper mache, grass clippings and leaves. This gave us a rich Hugelkultur method of creating soil.