As part of our commitment to helping other build a sustainable future, we open our site for guided tours by appointment only.

See Permaculture Principles in Action:

  • Optimal efficiency – minimum effort (incl. upscaled Rocket Stove BBQ)
  • Upcycling (incl. Bird-Free Wicking gardens)
  • Value information and research before back-breaking work (Biochar, Mound gardens, Water and Nutrient Cycling)
  • Create small and slow projects to allow time to observe, build experience and feel successful. (incl. Intensive mixed gardens)
  • Work with nature (Solar power, Bio-mimicry).

See Practical Solutions:

ENERGY ALTERNATIVES: Demonstrations of different types of solar-ovens, rocket stove kettle where they can see water boil with just a few twigs.

REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE – Soil Remediation through growing food and utilising household waste. Keyline water management, no dig gardens, Huglekulture, composting, worm-farming and wicking systems including working models of open and closed nutrient cycles. Our intensive food forest has an established canopy of Mulberry trees, Macadamias, kiwi-fruit, grape. We have a range of well-known native foods including the super-food Davidson Plum, pepper-berry, native raspberry, Aniseed myrtle and Lemon myrtle and a number of lesser known natives.

NUTRITION and LIFESTYLE: Demonstrations on how easy it is to grow western foods on a small. Tools for rediscovering our unique native food heritage.  Organic food production and how permaculture focus on the added benefit of design. This aspect of our property is immediately relatable to science projects such as projects on preservatives and flavourings. Our site shows what can be grown without any pesticides, fungicide or herbicide. Our plants are hardy but not immune to disease . We follow the permaculture principle of Observe and Interact. We actively respond by finding bio-regionally adapted plants and safe protective measures such as exclusion nets.

LOW-MAINTENANCE PRODUCTION: See intensive and resilient food forest with perfume and medicinal plants that require minimal maintenance. The site information and gallery is here.

Disclaimer: Whilst we do grow foods that we would like people to try, we endeavor to provide a safe environment. So, we ask you to be cautious, to smell aromas but not ingest. We will guide you safely in this new food-forest environment, as new-foods researchers and adventurers. To satisfy our high health standards all Morning and Afternoon Teas are prepared by certified commercial suppliers featuring ingredients from or equivalent to what we grow on site.

Bookings need to made in advance. Please allow minimum of 6 weeks notice.

Cheers, and thank you for supporting your community or school interest in a sustainable future.

School and group tours at $9 person tour only or $15 including tea and snacks.

We can also include hands-on mini-workshops with an optional take-home sample for $4 per student. Accompanying Teachers are free. The take-home sample is a Grow-It-Yourself compost-able closed-cycle wicking window-sill pot with edible plant of their choice which they assemble as part of their discussion about nutrient cycling. If you don’t want the take-home sample, that’s ok. The participants make bigger models here on site that will stay in nursery for seed raising.