Hello HoneybunsPermaculture Visions Organisation [PVO] is building a new era in permaculture teaching.

We are enabling choice by supplying a mix of permaculture courses online and on various mature permaculture education sites. New partnerships have started with:

  1. Permaculture Wollongong Institute Workshops now running
  2. Permaculture Sydney Winter PDC
  3. FutureWorld Australia soon offering workshops for Alternative Technology/Energy systems
  4. Telopea Mountain Permaculture Victoria Australia (soon to offer jointly recognised training units)

We have begun partnerships with key permaculture elders and mature permaculture sites. PVO has also issues scholarships and opportunities to learn as a trade for services) such as webpage enhancement or on-site gardening work).
PVO is a sister project to the pioneering online teaching organisation: Permaculture Visions Online Institute which supplies affordable courses in Permaculture in 65 countries.  All our work is made without grants or external funding, so if you are happy to contribute in some small way (web page work or donation) please do.  We have served thousands of people in over 60 countries and proven that permaculture can be taught online.

If you have an organisation that you want to build a partnership with us, simply contact us.